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Tough Garage Doors. Dependable Garage Doors. And Long-Lasting Garage Doors. Few doors in your home get more use than your garage door — it truly is the biggest door in your house. More than any other door, a residential garage door needs to work dependably and stand up to the elements for years on end. Built to meet these challenges — and look good doing it — our C.H.I. residential garage doors give you a wide range of options that fit your home's individuality and help you maintain your investment in it. (Source: CHI Overhead Doors)

Below see some of the garage door models CHI offers. If you give us a call, we will be more than happy to go through the many options you have and help you select the garage door that will best meet you needs and fit within your budget. That's our job at Roll-Em-Up Garage Doors after all!



Roll-Em-Up Garage DoorsYou home reflects who you are and allows you to make the statement you choose. As the largest door on your home, your garage door provides a unique opportunity to showcase your style. C.H.I. has a sophisticated line of doors for homes that require more than the standard look. Not only does the 2700 series boast an intriguing appearance, but it's also energy-efficient with a thermally-broken polyurethane core, providing a superior insulation rating and optimum protection for the outside elements. Created for those who choose to create a statement.



Roll-Em-Up Garage DoorsClassic style garage door delivered in a bold, modern way. C.H.I Overhead Doors has always been one step ahead of the curve with the 5400 Series. The 5400 and 5700 Series take another step forward - utilizing  Western Red Cedar or Fijian Mahogany boards to create a dynamic, yet timeless look that is backed by a rigid steel base section. Top is all off with a field stain and the decorative hardware and window options of your choice to create a door that truly says "Welcome home".



Roll-Em-Up Garage DoorsFor beauty and durability the 5216 and 5283 Carriage House sandwich garage doors from C.H.I are a great choice. Both models replicate the look of a traditional carriage house door while increasing structural rigidity and R-Value by encasing insulation between two steel skins. This allows you, the homeowner to combine energy savings with the elegance of the old-world craftsmanship. Multiple color, hardware and window options provide a custom look that adds value and curb appeal for years to come.



Roll-Em-Up Garage DoorsThey may look like wood, but these models are actually all-metal, maintenance-free insulated garage doors. The front and back skins are made with a pre-finished, wood grain embossed steel and the core is filled with high density CFC free polyurethane for optimum weather protection. An all-metal exterior is used on both the panels as well as the overlays to ensure years of worry free maintenance.



Roll-Em-Up Garage DoorsThis exceptional line of garage doors incorporates a thermally-broken section design for superior weather protection. A 26-gauge exterior steel skin and 27-gauge interior steel skin filled with foamed-in-place polyurethane creates an extremely rigid barrier. A continuous section joint seal that impedes air infiltration additionally enhances this door. Available in six designer colors and a diverse collection of window options, this door will add value and appeal to your home for years to come.



Roll-Em-Up Garage DoorFor a traditional-looking, heavy-duty steel garage door, the 2240-41 and 4240-41 models are truly among the best around. Available in five designer colors, it is an attractive  top-of-the-line door that will both complement the looks of your home and provide dependable protection for many years. Designed to accompany a wide variety of homes styles, this heavy-gauge model is fit for a long life.


Roll-Em-Up Garage DoorsThe carriage house style door has never looked better. The 5500and 5800 Series doors from C.H. I. Overhead Doors combine the classic look of wood with the durability of fiberglass. These doors feature a lightweight, impact resistant fiberglass exterior that is virtually maintenance-free. Factory finished in 3 designer colors, and adhered to a steel base section that is both resilient and energy-efficient, this door will accent your home with an elegant look while providing the durable qualities you desire.



Roll-Em-Up Garage DoorsTrue carriage house style with refreshing simplicity can be found with this garage door. A durable, maintenance-free steel exterior, overlaid with poly accent battens creates the timeless look of the 5300 and 5600 Series from C.H.I Overhead Doors. A durable steel base section provides the foundation for an addition to your home that will last for years to come. This door just helps to prove that sometimes the best things in life are simple.



Roll-Em-Up Garage DoorsWhile maintaining the elegant appearance of our premier models, the all-steel Carriage House garage doors perfectly combine the beauty and charm of a traditional wood carriage house door with the durability and value of a pan-style door. The 5250/5950 models are deeply embossed with a wood grain finish, available in a variety of colors, and have several window options to choose from. Decorative handles and hinges are standard, and can be upgraded to wrought iron for a truly old-world look that will complement your home perfectly.



Roll-Em-Up Garage DoorsA dramatic statement, made to fit your contemporary residential application. The 3295 Series full-view garage door from C.H.I, perfectly blends the raw industrial look of aluminum with a clean architectural design. The aluminum can be powder-coated nearly any color, with several glazing options to create the perfect door to accent your home.



Roll-Em-Up Garage DoorsAn attractive, select model engineered for durability and energy efficiency. These models are available in 7 pre-painted, easy to care for colors, with an insulated core that protect though the harshest conditions. The beautify of this door is continued on the inside with polyester coated steel protection. Designed to complement a wide variety of home styles, this model will provide many years of dependable service.


Roll-Em-Up Garage DoorsBuilt for both longevity and value, this garage door recreates the elegant look of wood with a deeply-embossed, distinctive panel design. It has the appearance of our top-of-the-line models, yet remains economical and efficient - making it one of our most popular models. Available in four designer colors, this durable steel door complements the look of almost any home.

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